We are a fully equipped Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Center designed to treat injuries from the shoulder to the hand, focusing on ROM, Strength, Coordination, Dexterity, Splinting and Functional use. Our programs are individually designed to meet the needs of each patients' specific limitation and problem area. We pride ourselves on our "one on one" "hands on" treatments and the quality of our care.

All of our therapists have been extensively trained in the treatment of all shoulder, elbow, forarm and hand injuries. We provided hands on as well as modalities to increase ROM, strength and functional use of the upper extremity.

We  are highly experienced in the fabrication of both dynamic and static splinting for protection and to increase the function of the injured extremity. Each splint is custom made to fit the individual patients needs.

Our Therapists are highly experienced and trained in the use and benefits of all modalities used to enhance healing, wound care and pain control. Some of this include the TENS unit, UltraSound, Iontophoresis, Interferential and Electrical Stimulation.

Our Exercise bike is a tool used to increase circulation, tone, strengthening muscles, increase range of motion and warm up the injured extremity prior to our patients treatment session.

Fluidotherapy, a heat modality used to stimulate blood flow, circulation and wound healing. It allows each individual a warm up period and to begin active ROM with gravity eliminated. This prepares each individual for hands on therapy. We also offer Hot Packs, Whirlpool and Paraffin Dip modalities. 

Costa Mesa

Huntington Beach

Hands On Hands Rehab Centers are located in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos and Laguna Hills and have spacious treatment areas allowing us to accommodate our large referral base. All our centers are provided with individual treatment rooms to allow for more privacy. Our centers provide an atmosphere that is conducive to encouraging one another.

Laguna Hills

Los Alamitos

Costa Mesa 

1700 Adams Ave. Suite 103 

Costa Mesa, CA 92626 


 FAX: 714-435-1745

Laguna Hills

24422 Avenida De La Carlota Suite 320

Laguna Hills, CA 92653


FAX: 949-446-8766

Huntington Beach

16152 Beach Blvd. Suite 140

Huntington Beach, CA 92647


FAX: 714-842-6762

Los Alamitios

4772 Katella Ave. Suite 100

Los Alamitos, CA 90720


FAX: 562-430-8760