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So Where is she now???


Janet retired from Hands On Hands in 2024 after almost 43 years working with some amazing people and wonderful staff.  So what does her next season look like?  Well for starters she has been an extra (volunteer) on the incredible T.V. series The Chosen.  A First Century Period series of the life of Jesus and His 12 Disciples, as well as the people that He touched in His 3 year ministry while on earth.  What a wonderful way to meet and grow to know Jesus in 3 dimensional and color and bringing the Bible to life.  

Holy Week Set.jpg
Janet The Chosen.jpg
Chosen Cast.jpg

. . . She's off to the concerts of her favorite band For King and Country.

King and Country guys.jpg

. . . . and enjoying her time up in McCall Idaho, with long walks with her dogs and sitting around a fire and planning her next adventure with her husband.

Dogs on Walks.jpg
McCall Deer.jpg
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